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  • Aspenware Disposable Wooden Knife

Aspenware Wooden Knives


Product Description

Aspenware Disposable Wooden Knives

Choose from packages of 50, 500, or 1000 pieces. 

Aspenware cutlery is a practical and elegant replacement for traditional disposable plastic cutlery. It is the premium choice for biodegradable wooden cutlery yet is cost competitive with high quality plastic. Aspenware is the only manufacturer of disposable wooden cutlery in North America. The cutlery is strong and the knife will cut through a thick juicy steak and the fork will pierce a raw carrot. Cutlery is 100% backyard compostable.


  • Length: 7.25 inches
  • Made in British Columbia, Canada
  • Will biodegrade in as little as 49 days. Can be put in a home composter.
  • Designed for single use

How is Aspenware made?
Aspenware is made by pressing two layers of wood veneer together and held together with an FDA approved edible binding agent. Each piece of cutlery is also coated with a plant based food coating that results in a smooth finish and eliminates residual wood taste.

Environmental Impact
Aspenware does not log trees for its cutlery. They use logs from trees that were previously cut down by the softwood lumber industry while trying to reach more valuable species, such as spruce, pine and fir. Normally the Birch and Aspen would be left to rot or burned in slash piles. Instead, they salvage them and give them a more useful purpose. Birch and Aspen are fast growing species with short life cycles and naturally reseed.

Greenmunch distributes bulk Aspenware disposable cutlery throughout Canada.  We service restaurants, caterers, weddings, or any special event. We can provide solutions from a small backyard gathering up to a large event with thousands of people.  For large bulk orders please contact us at sales@greenmunch.ca or 877-316-5690 for more information. 

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