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Bulk White & Black Paper Straws

  • 10.5" Solid Black Paper Straws

    10.5" Tall Solid Black Paper Straws

    Extra Long 10 1/2 inch Paper Straws: Solid Black These straws are longer than our standard 7.75"(197mm) straws and are designed for tall glasses or soda bottles. Select from Package of 200, Carton of 1600, or Case of 6400 Great for use at home,...

  • 7.75" Standard Solid Black Paper Straws

    7.75" Standard Solid Black Paper Straws

    Standard Solid Black Paper Drinking Straws Select from Bag of 25, Box of 400, Carton of 2400, or Case of 9600 Great for use at home, special events and restaurants The straws are made of paper so they will biodegrade even in a backyard compost...