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Bakers Twine

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We stock premium quality Bakers Twine from 2 manufacturers:

Divine Twine - also available wholesale
All Divine Twine colors have 1 string of color + 3 strings of white.
Each spool contains 240 yards of twine.

The Twinery
All Twinery Twine colors have 2 strings of color + 2 strings of white
Each spool contains 240 yards of twine.

15 Yard Samplers: In addition to large spools, we also offer bakers twine in sampler packs of 15 yards. All 15 yard sampler packs ship for free by lettermail in Canada and USA!

2 Yard Test Packs: We have also created a convenient Test Pack for Divine Twine and Twinery Twine.  Each test pack contains 2 yards of each of the available colors.  These test packs are perfect for matching the colors prior to purchasing full spools.  Test packs also ship for free!

Multiple Spool Bundles: Buying multiple spools? Save money by selecting our bundles of 3, 5 and 7 spools.