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Wooden Dinnerware

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Wooden Cutlery:  It's everything you've ever wanted in disposable plastic cutlery. Except the Plastic.
With 100 billion pieces of disposable polystyrene cutlery ending up in landfills each year, the last thing the world needs is another set. Aspenware and Ecoware ire decidedly different. All utensils are made from wood which is 100% compostable.
Why?  Well for one, it takes considerably less time to biodegrade - 49 days versus, oh, about 10,000 years. Wood is also lighter and stronger. 

Palm leaf Plates
Each disposable and compostable Plate/Bowl is made from a single fallen palm leaf and is unique in color and texture. Since no trees were cut or harmed, these fallen leaves prove to be a naturally biodegradable and renewable raw material. Designed by Mother Nature herself – this stylish dinnerware offers a combination of high utility, environmental value, and aesthetic appeal.