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Also checkout out our huge selection of colored Paper Straws

These compostable straws are made from a material called PLA (Polylactic acid). The PLA material is made from 100% renewable starchy plants. Corn is a very common source of this starch.  This starch is processed so that it looks and feels very similar to regular plastic however it does not contain any oil.

  • Biodegradable & Compostable Flex Bendy Straws

    Compostable Flex Straws for Medical & Personal Use Only

    Compostable Bendy / Flex Straws - 7.75 inch - Assorted Colors Note! Starting Dec 20, 2023 these straws are banned for commercial food service use by Canadian federal regulations.  They are only available for medical use in care facilities or for...
  • Bulk Biodegradable Straws

    Compostable Jumbo Wrapped Straws - 7.75 inch - Box of 300

    Biodegradable Wrapped Jumbo Straws - 7.75" Available in box of 300 straws. These jumbo clear biodegradable straws are wider than the standard clear straws available. They are individually wrapped in paper and made entirely from PLA (Corn Plastic) and...