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Grocery Bags

  • Bagnetic® bags are inexpensive, compact, washable and eco-friendly. Bagnetic® reusable shopping bags carry the message to "re-use" to a world ready to embrace a brighter ecological future. These bags are spreading the eco-friendly message with style!
  • Bagnetic® reusable grocery bags connect to each other magnetically, making it easier to neatly stack together.  Now shoppers can fit them onto conventional grocery bag hooks.
  • Bagnetic® eco friendly bags are durable for every day use, such as a lunch bag or shopping bag at a mall.  They are Lead and AZO Chemical Free.  Plus they can easily carry over 40 pounds!
  • Bagnetic® green bags are easy to remember! 1) An easy fold allows the bag to be compact enough to fit into your pocket, 2) Making a magnetic connection to your refrigerator for an easy visual reminder and 3) the Bagnetic Hook™ accessory fits through the magnetic rings for an easy store and carry.
  • Bagnetic® washable bags have a design with a flat bottom which makes it easier to stack eggs, bread, cereal boxes and much more.

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